Portugal - Carp on the Fly

Flyfishing for carp is a new frontier and now available to anyone in one of the best places in the world.

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7 nights, 6 days fishing € 1200,-  p.p.
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5 nights, 4 days fishing €  900,-  p.p


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Carp on Fly Adventure in Europe

Imagine a country with a Mediterranean climate and over 250 days of sun per year, where you can sight fish for wild carp in shallow waters. This country is Portugal. There you can walk along shore lines or wade through artificial lake’s waters and watch a carp feeding in water few inches deep, sometimes with part of the body out of the water; and then make the perfect cast, presenting the fly with precision in its trajectory, see the carp swimming towards the fly and see it being swallowed with no mercy. What follows is part of your imagination!

This fishing is awesome ! It is a very active fishing where angler has to follow the bank, inside or outside water, depending on the   location, with extreme attention and in stealth mode. It is necessary to stay focused, because at any time a cloud of mud might appear, a tailing fish, or the back of a fish sticking out of water. Usually you will spot them in small groups searching for food in shallow waters. The larger specimen may be alone while searching for food among rocks and submerged vegetation. It is common to see carps between 4kg and 7kg, but the most common size runs between 2 - 4kg

We usually fish eight lakes during the season. The variety of lakes, in addition to ensuring quality fishing, allows fishing every day in a different one. Each lake has its own characteristics; spots with larger carps in smaller number, and areas with smaller fish in greater number. Lakes and fishing spots will be chosen according to angler’s skills and preference, but we always recommended to start fishing areas with large number of small fish in order to train and adjust and subsequently, prior to attack large feeding carp. In addition to carp, anglers will also find largemouth bass and barbell, although barbell are not found in all areas, but where you find them, they will smash your flies. 

The best season for this type of fishing runs from June - October. 

Based on our extensive time experience, we recommend the following equipment:
6 - 8wt medium / fast action rods, Fly reels +  50m of 20lb backing, Floating WF fly lines in discreet colors and 9ft leaders 12lb / 15lb 0X ,1X & 2X fluorocarbon tippet material.

Portugal is easy to reach. All major airlines, including low-cost airlines, have daily direct flights to and from major European cities to Lisbon. “Carp Land” is only a 160km drive from Lisbon airport.