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Fly Fishing Dreams is specialized in worldwide fly fishing expeditions since 1992. We were first in Europe specialized in fly fishing only – trips. It was named first as Tropical Fly Fishing. After the year 2000 it was expanded also with freshwater destinations. This made it necessary for us to make a clear distinction in destinations for saltwater and freshwater and changed it to Fly Fishing Dreams. We treat every trip as if it were our own journey. Strange maybe, but sometimes we may advise you no to go because you want to travel at the wrong time of the year, or that your favorite specie is not availablein your requested time frame. Nevertheless........... our goal is always to offer excellent customer service completely focused on arranging and providing the best possible fly fishing experiences of your life- time!

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Fly Fishing Dreams takes relationships with clients very seriously. We are is this kind of travel business since 1992 and we proud to say that we have an approximate 70 % repeat business. We look forward to sharing your passion and enthusiasm for this unique sport in planning your once in a life-time fly fishing adventure.

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